Alpha Duo® Liner & Alpha SmartTemp® Liner featuring Outlast®

WillowWood brings the latest prosthetic liner technology to the industry without sacrificing comfort.

Alpha Liners are now part of the Score program.   

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Outside, Alpha Silicone® provides tough durability for whatever the day brings. Inside, skin-friendly Alpha Classic® Gel provides long-lasting comfort. It’s the perfect combination of comfort and durability.

•  4.5 mm symmetrical profile with 9 mm distal thickness
•  Suitable for transtibial or transfemoral applications
•  Skin-friendly Alpha Classic Gel provides a comfortable fit
•  Alpha Silicone provides stability and helps contain soft tissue
•  Fabric-free exterior has a satin finish for easy donning, no lubricants needed
•  Symmetrical profile allows for liner rotation and extends the life of the liner
•  Use with suction suspension or elevated vacuum

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Alpha SmartTemp
® Liner featuring Outlast®Hanger_Score-Ribbon.png

WillowWood brings temperature control to prosthetic liners with Outlast® heat management technology originally developed for NASA and exclusive to WillowWood. As body temperature rises, skin cools itself by sweating and releasing excess heat. The technology behind Alpha SmartTemp absorbs that heat to delay the onset of sweat—keeping patients cool and comfortable all day long.

•  Transtibial liners available in uniform and progressive profiles
•  Transfemoral liners have a symmetrical AK profile with 9 mm distal thickness
•  Slows sweat by absorbing heat
•  Stabilizes skin temperature by releasing stored heat as the body cools down
•  Provides the durability of silicone and the comfort of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) by softening
   as skin temperature rises
•  Retrofits with other Alpha Liners with progressive, uniform and symmetrical AK profiles

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Transtibial Size Charts:
Transfemoral Size Chart:
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