New 2024 Medicare Guidelines for compression garments in the treatment of lymphedema

What you need to know

The LTA or Lymphedema Treatment Act enacted by congress in late 2022 mandates coverage for lymphedema patients for Medicare beneficiaries. The coverage starts January 1, 2024 for compression garments and bandaging supplies in the treatment of a lymphedema diagnosis. The medi team has been heavily involved with the USMCA (US Medical Compression Alliance) that has had a significant voice in the process and is committed to communicating the coverage results as it evolves.

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mediven® Lower Extremity Elastic Compression products

The use of elastic compression is best for legs that do not have folds or lobes with lower level of containment needs. Elastic compression products allow for greater mobility and allow for more breathability.


Circaid® Lower extremity Inelastic Compression products

Inelastic products are also known as Adjustable Compression Wraps due to the use of neoprene-like bands with Hook & Loop enclosures. These garments provide maximum containment levels while allowing for volume or size fluctuations. This also makes Adjustable compression wraps flexibility to be used at day or night time.




mediven® Upper Extremity Elastic arm sleeves handpieces

Elastic compression arm sleeves are used in the treatment of early-stage lymphedema or as preventative use for at risk patients such as breast cancer survivors.


Circaid® Upper Extremity Inelastic arm sleeves handpieces

Elastic compression arm sleeves are used in the treatment of late-stage lymphedema and for adjustable applications such as day & nighttime use or patients with fluctuating volume levels.


Circaid® profile for night

The circaid profile product line is made from manufactured 1st use foam cubes that help with containment and fibrotic tissue breakdown. The cover is made from Brr® material that helps keep patients cool and comfortable at night. The profile provide a lower level of compression for use during nighttime when high compression is not as necessary. Additional compression can be implemented with the compressive oversleeves.

Custom garments by medi

Many lymphedema patients require custom garments. It is best to ensure the patient has completed a decongestion or reduction treatment program and is at a stable limb volume level prior to measuring. Custom mediven flat knit, mediven circular knit, and circaid products are to be ordered through the Hanger Direct/COUPA system. Here is a quick step by step process:

  1. To create a quote from medi, send 100% completed form to or fax 1-888-840-0939
  2. A quote with part numbers and pricing will be communicated back within one business day.
  3. Clinic is to input order request into the Hanger Direct/COUPA system where all information will be verified, and a HD PO will be issued directly to medi.  Please include the medi quote # (the system will prompt you for this).
  4. When an HD PO is received by medi USA Customer Service, order is placed into the production schedule.
  5. Shipments can take between 3 and 8 business days.

Lymphology Lower Extremity Form

Lymphology Upper Extremity Form

Lymphology Toe Cap Form

Lymphology Toe Cap Form

Lymphology Toe Cap Form

Lymphology Toe Cap Form


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